Sunday, July 26, 2009

Operation Reallocations for 2009 and Beyond

In order to maximize energies for the upcoming Earth Day 2010 celebration, Earth Day Journal will focus its attention on the planning of this monster event while Marine Cleanup Initiative Inc. will focus on reef and inlet cleanup events in Florida and other locales, as needed.

Therefore, to better serve our volunteers, all diving events and information will be communicated through this site and by e-mail to Captain Donald Voss.

Please take the time to bookmark and check back regularly for updates on upcoming events and sign-up forms.

PLEASE, if you did not have an opportunity to fill out a data/collection card at the Fort Pierce Inlet Dive, e-mail me and I will send you a form to fill out. The information that you include on these cards helps our counties to better fund these efforts and gain public support.

I want to thank all who turned out to dive, offered their vessels and volunteered. You did a great job. We were covered on Channel 12 at the 6,7 and 11pm news. The Tribune will have a 350 word story about us as well. In addition, Mayor Benton was on one of our boats and was very excited about our efforts.

Let me know of your ideas. E-mail me for data forms and watch my site and your e-mails for updates (and video) of our dives.

Captain don

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