Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Reel and Recycle" is funded by NOAA Marine Debris Program. What I found interesting is this monofilament line is collected and sent to Berkeley Conservation Institute in California and it is sorted and melted into new products including Berkeley Fish-Hab, an artificial reef structure that helps build fish habitats.

A Berkley Fish-Hab is an artificial, underwater habitat structure made from recycled monofilament fishing line and line spools, along with other post-consumer materials like milk cartons and soft drink bottles. The Fish-Hab attracts fish and encourages plant growth almost immediately, providing the natural cover essential to the growth of a healthy fish population.

Fish-Habs are available to everyone; pond owners, anglers, communities or anyone interested in improving an aquatic habitat. We designed the 4-foot cube Fish-Hab structure to be easily assembled in minutes. The completed assembly is lightweight and easy to anchor under water.

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