Monday, June 17, 2013


July is one of the most exciting months for Marine Cleanup Initiative Inc and the busiest.  In 2001, when founded, it served a dual purpose of not only did  we remove debris, but we also had a chance to check out our equipment before mini-lobster season fired up and someone got hurt from equipment failure.
July  13 – 5 Annual Ft Pierce Inlet Cleanup Maintenance Dive –Meet at 12A Buoy Ramp Parking lot at 22 Fisherman’s Wharf, Ft Pierce with equipment at 1pm.  We need Captains with boats, Kayakers, helpers, volunteers and divers with full equipment like gloves, tank for one dive, knife, dive flag and float with 20 feet of line.  Please sign up at:
102878002/ or contact Capt don at 528-0675.

Divers and boats will assemble at the marina at 12A and travel out. To the inlet, anchor and wait for slack current and tide.  Diving will last about 45 minutes and then we will all return to the marina to
 unload, cleanup and enjoy some lunch and drinks.

July 19 – 21 – 1st Annual Treasure Coast Lionfish Safari-

July 19 at 6:30pm – mandatory Captain’s meeting and safety instructions at the Riverwalk Community Center.

July 20-21 – Sunrise to 5pm – lionfish safari – Sign-up forms and details, rules and booth space available at :  Weigh-in, fun, food, drinks, awards and lionfish samples will begin at 5pm until 8 at Ft Pierce City Marina Plaza by Cobb’s Landing.

July 27 – 13 Annual Sebastian Inlet Cleanup Maintenance Dive – Join us for the most exciting and fun 23 minutes of diving around this area.  We will meet at the Sebastian Yacht Club ramp, 820 Indian
River Drive at 12:30pm, load boats and travel out to the inlet and wait for slack tide and current.  And then, the fun begins.  Bring all equipment including knife, dive flag and float with 25 feet of line to
attach to you. After dive, we will return to the ramp to cleanup and enjoy some food and fun. or contact Capt don at 528-0675.


Marine Cleanup has adopted SL6 pictured here.  Along with general cleanups with other adoptive organizations like Lisa’s Kayaks and Motorized Kayaks and Harbor Branch Learning
Center, we are all working to improve the islands and address the issues that need to be changed for meaningful camping and picnicking experiences to be had by all.  MCII conducts monthly cleanups on selected islands the second week of each month, except July… we are over-booked for that week.

Our June cleanup brought out 24 kayaks and 12 kids who were all first time trash pickers.  A great time was had by all and over 900 pounds of debris was removed, great tales of adventure
were told to the kids and Natalie’s supplies fresh cold OJ for everyone.  Gloria Lister also baked cookies and cheesecake.

Sign up for operations and events at:
Or by calling Capt don at 772-528-0675.

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